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Sunday June 22, 2014 Columbia City Theater — Band profile

Badwater Fire Company

Friday June 20, 2014 Royal Room — Band profile


Saturday June 21, 2014 Columbia City Theater — Band profile

Midday Veil

Sunday June 22, 2014 Columbia City Theater — Band profile

Spontaneous Rex

Saturday June 21, 2014 Columbia City Theater — Band profile


7-9 August, 2015

Columbia City Theater and the Royal Room, Seattle


  • Lots of great music!

Artist will be announced as details are locked down.

Tickets for 2015 are on sale now in the Store.

After just one year of staging Seaprog, we found ourselves in the position of an embarrassment of riches when it came to bands wanting to play for the second installment. We've got our second international invitee (after last year's Jolanda) in Canada's Miriodor, proponents of fine avant-rock since 1980. This will be their first West Coast appearance in the US. And we're pretty sure Corima won't disappoint anyone who sees them. An intense modern take on the zeuhl style pioneered by Magma, this LA band has been impressing audiences at festivals around the world. We have a pretty broad definition of progressive in the Central Committee, and while Midday Veil might be outside the narrower definition, we have no problem saying these purveyors of space-trance music are progressive. Artists like Tangerine Dream and Hawkwind are in their musical DNA. So set definitions aside — just listen and enjoy.

Portland will be represented this year by a trio called The Mercury Tree. Their brand of music combines math-rock complexity, progressive denseness, and a healthy dose of modern technology.

Our stylistic variety continues with the psychedelic prog-folk of Autumn Electric, a Seattle band currently (as of late February) on tour across North America. Their latest release, Flowers for Ambrosia, is an engaging slice of independent music featuring the epic "Orange Stars," a 22-minute suite that should please any fan of progressive music.

If you're interested in our motivation and philosophy, take a look at the Seaprog Manifesto. Other tidbits of information are on the FAQ.

Conceived as a destination event rather than just another gig, Seaprog invites music lovers to spend a weekend enjoying stimulating and intelligent music and visiting the many fine restaurants, bars, and shops in Columbia City.

One great thing about the Columbia City Theater is that it has a front room that not only serves food and drink, but can host musical performances as well. We'll be taking advantage of this fact by presenting some solo/duo acts there between sets on the mainstage. Wouldn't want you to get bored! In 2013, we presented sets from Amy Denio, Bill Horist, and Austenitic. And we're looking to schedule a similar grab-bag of musical oddities for 2014.

Amazing event, organizers, performers and audience! "A splendid time was guaranteed for all"! — Kurt Ahrensfeld, 2013 attendee

Latest news

The dates are set for Seaprog 2015. We're moving a little later in the summer to avoid conflicts with other music festivals. We're going for August 7-9, with the same basic schedule: free event Friday night at the Royal Room, then two days at the Columbia City Theater. And we're offering a special incentive to purchase your tickets early — see the Store for details. We've started working on the artists, and have leads on some really special things for you. We haven't let you down yet, so you can be sure it will be great!

Now available online, we've got some 2014 festival merchandise available for you to purchase. Check out the Seaprog Store.

Our gallery of photos from the 2014 festival is now available online. Browse around and relive your memories — or see what you missed. Thanks to our photographer, D. Davis for all the hard work and great results.

Well, it's all over for Seaprog 2014. The Central Committee survived more or less intact, and there was far less bloodshed on stage (only a few drops from the fingers of a guitarist who was really getting into it). So many great performances from all the artists — as we find reviews, we'll post links. Thanks again to all who helped make this dream a reality: artists, volunteers, venue staff, and attendees!

The time has come. The festival is now in progress. Head on down to the venue to see some great music. If you don't have a ticket yet, worry not — we'll find room for you. All the planning and headaches comes down to this...

Look at this! We've worked out something really special for a little musician-run festival. Montreal's Miriodor has been at the forefront of progressive music for a long time, with a string of excellent releases on the Cuneiform label, so we're thrilled to make them our first international guests. Thanks to a grant from le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Qu├ębec, this amazing event can really happen. Due to scheduling conflicts, we're putting them in the Saturday headline slot, and Midday Veil have kindly agreed to play Sunday night.

With the latest additions to the schedule (Midday Veil, The Mercury Tree, Badwater Fire Company, Autumn Electric, Zubatto Syndicate) we're fulfilling our aim to showcase outstanding Northwest talent that is worthy of national and international attention. They're worthy of local attention too, which they don't always get. We're about quality, not following trends set by others.

The initial set of schedule announcements have been made, and tickets for the CCT weekend are on sale through Brown Paper Tickets. The full two-day pass is only $60 for all eight mainstage acts — that works out to $7.50 per artist! Remember, Friday night at the Royal Room doesn't require a ticket or cover charge, but feel free to donate to the artists to help keep them alive.

The official galleries of photos and videos from the 2013 festival are online. Relive the memories, or see what you missed.